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Hi, welcome to the Lucy live stream testing family

1) Sign up creating your account or with Facebook It will take you just a few seconds to sign up. No credit card needed, just a few questions and you’re ready to go as a Viewer. 2) Check available locations and buy minutes as needed At LUCY, we want you to enjoy every minute you decide to buy. We also give full disclosure about where the App works before you spend the first dollar. 3) Order your live stream for now or schedule it for later Now you can start hiring your personal Reporter, for now or for later. You only pay for the seconds you use. No hidden fees, nothing additional. 4) Keep it or share it! Enjoyed your live stream? Keep a copy of the full video for a fee and even share it with your friends for more fun. Become your own reporter! 5) Enroll as a recorder Be a pioneer! LUCY invites you to become an active Recorder in your area. The process takes just 2 minutes and everything you need is your phone. 6) Start earning extra cash today LUCY is regulated by its own users. As a Viewer or Recorder, you will receive a rating after each assessment. As a Recorder, you will track your daily earnings in real time. What are you waiting for?

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